Personal Development Project

I am using this project as an opportunity to invest time into areas I previously have not been able to due to the nature of my previous employment. I will be able to develop my texturing & rendering skills. And I will also get the time to build on my current UE4 knowledge.

I want to go through and render each asset I create so this project will show the viewer all the parts that make the world, then at the end they can truly appreciate the whole environment.

Keep track of my thought process and the details of the project on my blog I will link below !

Created a procedural snow blueprint material, and now I have gone through and applied it to the surrounding environment assets, I will be developing it further with a tessellation version for the buildings to add realism. Added a few particle effects just to make it slightly more in context !

Rock assets added to the scene, though this is a very unpolished environment, I wanted to see how light mass would react to the rocks made.

Foundation support with a snow render, the final environment will be snowy so wanted to test the mesh in this style.

Foundation support with warm lighting, I wanted to see how the specularity behaves with direct light source, it works well, the concrete looks relatively smooth which was the desired effect !

security office rendered in Quixel 3Do

The reinforced door, I re-textured this because it will be exposed the elements and heavy snow, so I wanted to have heavy wear and rust rather than clean.

Wall Piece for surrounding the silo, I wanted to have a contrast between rough concrete and metal.

Modular building kit, I want this to be the basis of all the buildings which then get dressed up with additional meshes