Serious Games Studio Demo assets

At the serious Games Studio we offered company’s 5 days assists, this means when we sat down with clients and worked out what would help them get further investment, which was mostly grey environments to help get there idea across, so that meant I rarely got the chance to go through full development pipeline.

Sci-fi Barrel

Assault Rifle

Make Shift revolver

Diner building & shack

Exhaust vent & pillar

Computer Terminal

Computer ( Quixel Render)

Computer ( Quixel Render)

Key pad & door

Door ( Quixel Render)

Mechanical gate

Half of the mechanical gate ( Quixel Render)


Oil pump ( Quixel Render)

Generator ( Quixel Render)

Crate , Pillars & wall

Vault Door

Neon Signs

Sign ( Quixel Render)

Mobile Stairs

Transport platform

Transporter ( Quixel Render)

Transporter ( Quixel Render)

Ballard ( Quixel Render)